Burn multiple formats onto same DVD?

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      Is it possible to burn a video, followed by several jpgs, followed by a pdf file followed by another video all onto the same DVD -R, including a menu? And if so, was would be the top three or 4 recommended programs to do this with and finally, where would one find instructions to do this? Thanks. Lee

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      there are a couple ways to include a variety of media types on a dvd but if you want the DVD to play through as a dvd then you are restricted to images of your pdfs. If you want people to interact with the pdf (go to next page or skip) all those pages will have to be images.

      1. Using Adobe, I’d arrange all the videos and images on a time line and ‘chapter mark’ them and make a menu to access the chapter marks.

      2. Or burn the video portions on the DVD and include DVDROM folder with access to images and pdfs for computer user.

      3. Just make it all for the computer user by rendering video to flash, embed in a webpage with links on the page to the images and pdf’s and burn that all to CD or DVD as a website on a disc.

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      I have not done so but I know Sony’s DVD Architect is capable of burning mixed mode DVD;s (standard DVD’s with extra files on them). You’d have to look at the manual to see how to access these files.

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