Burn 3D RealD disc to play on 3Dplayer?

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I have Magix Movie Edit HD 17 Plus Pro. I can burn a regular sidebyside dvd but when plyed on a 3Dplayer, it does not recognize it as a 3D disk.

Can Magix Movie Edit HD 17 Plus Pro create a disc that is recognizable to a 3Dplayer and 3DTV? If so, how? I use both .avi from fuijifilm w3 and .mts from JVC TD1.

I made several discs, data, mpeg, avi, and standard dvd, but sidebyside and non of them worked when I took it to Bestbuy to test on the latest players.

Also, Magix Movie Edit HD 17 Plus Pro doesn't recognize JVC's MVC files. Do I have to export MVC files as left and right and then sync into 3D?