Bumping and Thuding with wireless lav mic

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      You might want to check out this article.

      Towards the bottom it explains how to dress a lavlier mic with a so-called "Broadcast Loop" which acts like a strain relief on the cable.

      Good luck!


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      Does anyone have any advice for using wireless lav mics regarding bumping and thuding sounds from the talent? I’m not sure if it’s coming from the wire under their shirt, or just knocking and bumping the outside of the shirt or ??? This is a major pain to edit out in post; I am using Premiere pro 2.0 and Audition 2.0. It’s almost impossible to edit out; especially if the talent is speaking at the same time the noise occurs. Would tape help? (the sticky type) to keep the wire from bumping around?

      Any advice greatly appreciated.


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      Keep hair away from it, keep jewelry to a minimum, especially types that would hit each other, and be sure the talent doesn’t play with either.

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