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      Hi gang – I’m building my editing suite fromthe ground up – actually including it in plans for my new home. Since I’m new to commercial/professional quality editing systems (but have tons of esxperience on the Sony/Uleqd/Pinnacle-type stuff), so I need some advice from some folks more experienced than I.

      Which way should I go – Avid or Apple Final Cut? Or both? Which will glean the greatest interest from prospective customrs? WHat about acquisition and maintenance costs?

      Lastly, I’m thinking of constructing a Faraday cage completely around the editing suite – to keep out all unwanted EMI and make the room as electrically “quite as possible – gonna condition the hell out of the power too. Any other tips? I’d really appreciate your help and advice – thanks a bunch!


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      what does it matter what you cut on when all the customer really wants is a finished product? Every customer I deal with doesn’t ask me what i use to make their videos. Use what gets the job done, not what you think you need to have to get the job.

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      Johnboy is right. It doesn’t really matter what pro software you use as long as the customer is happy with the final product. A couple of suggestions though: Final Cut Pro may a little easier to learn than Avid, but is not top of the line. I have worked with some of the top Avid software, and it is definitely powerful. Plus, if you’re a teacher, student, or in any way qualify for an academic discount, you can save thousands on Avid software at stores such as I would definitely recommend Avid, because you will get the mostfor your money. You could also consider Sony Vegas Pro. That’s what I run in my studio. Along with Sony Sound forge pro, you can really go places.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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