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      Hey all,

      So, I’m a college student that is just graduating, and, voila, my grandparents have volunteered to buying me a new editing computer. I’m really stoked, and I’m really thinking I want to build my own even though I’ve never done it before. I was just wondering what a solid combination would be as far as a motherboard and graphics card. I was thinking of getting something like this ( with like 2 GB of RAM added on. I want plenty of room to be able to expand in the future (hard drives, PCI cards, etc.). Would this be a good choice? Does Adobe CS3 and Avid Xpress Pro support Quad-core processors yet? And as far as the graphics cards, I want something that will last me for awhile (that’s why the graphics cards I have picked out are HD), but I don’t want it to be overkill either. Price limit is $800-900. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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      Sounds like you’ve chosen some good components. However, you should sit down and actually write down what your needs are now and what you anticipate for the future so you buy right now. By the time you are done getting the hard drives (you should have more than one), the DDR3 memory (you have no choice), case, CPU cooler, OS, monitor (?), DVD burner (Blu-ray $++++) and the other odds and ends you will probably easily bust $1000 though. I just built a new box to run the lowly Pinnicle Studio 11 Ultimate (Avid’s little brother) with the hope of eventually running apps like yours. Here’s my setup: C2 QuadQ9300 (FSB excellent for editing speed), DX48BT2, 4G DDR3, ATI 3870HD 512MB DDR4, Cool Master Cosmos 1000 case, 750W power, 5 HDDs (2 Raptors [partitioned RAID 0 for OS and programs], 3 500GB WDs (partitioned perfectly just for editing/rendering/storage), Vista Ult. 64, and assorted DVD drives, coolers, etc. and spent about $2200 between TD and Newegg. Now I have an almostfilled upfull tower. I don’t know how you plan to expand in the future but you can only add one more PCI (black slot) for sound or whatever. If you are doing a lot of editing and saving make sure you have space in your box for moreHDDs or you can use the eSATA for external storage – no problem there.

      New additions of CS3 and Avid will run nicely on what you have chosen. My transition rendering is less than 2 seconds and you should come close to that. Keep in mindthat if you are using this computer for all kinds of other stuff such as gaming or other high demand apps you may very well crimp your editing style and speed. Plus your 2 vid cards won’t push you but so high. You might consider getting a 512MB or morenow and Crossfireanother one later on for blazing performance if you like.

      One last time I will stress that you Write Down what you need now and what you want for the future. That’s the best way to decide what you can afford and get now so you will be prepared for the upgrades you’ll want soon enough. GOOD LUCK!

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      Build it yourself…

      Here is the system I built 8 months ago. Everything came from Tiger Direct. No trouble with this system at all. It does not see the internet at all thus no heavy applications running at the same time. I have them wittled down to 22. Very happy with it’s performance but wished I had gone with a little bettermobo. I’ve done a very minor OC using bios settings.

      Total cost: $1600. (not including 2 19″ SyncMaster monitors)

      Ultra Mid Tower case w/ the clear side panel; Gigabyte M61VME-S2 mobo w/800Mhz FSB; AMD 64 X2 dual-core 4600 series @ 2.4 Mhz; (matched pair) OCZ Dual Channel (DDR 2) 800Mhz memory (2 GB total); LG DVD-CD R/W burner w/lightscribe; 3.5 floppy, 6 USB ports; IEEE 1394 Firewire card w/4 ports; (1) IDE 160 GB Seagate Barracuda OS drive; (2) 500GB Seagate Barracuda SATA 3.0 drives set up non-RAID (1.16 TB Total storage); EVGA NVidia 8800 GTS 256MB Video card w/s-video out and dual DVI ; SoundBlaster Audigy sound card; (2) Ultra Blue 120mm case fans; Ultra CPU Cooler w/120mm fan; 500 watt PSU and XP Pro OS.


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      What you are looking at from Tiger Direct looks good. However, if you are planning on running Avid Xpress Pro on the system, you will probably have to spend a little more. Here is a link to Avid’s website where it gives a list of the system requirements for Xpress Pro. It’s about half-way down the page.

      It says on the page that you risk not being able to get customer support if your system does not meet the qualifiedsystem requirements. I wouldn’t want you to spend a lot of money, and then end up not being qualified for support. In my use of Avid I have found that meeting the system requirements is VERY important. Avid can be very unstable if it does not have everything it needs to run.

      Hope this is of some help.


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      Thanks guys for all the comments. I recently talked to a friend who explained that it might be a little difficult to build my own so he suggested I just buy one that’s already put together. But, I’m looking at the prices for put together Quad-core systems on Tigerdirect, and I’m like “Wow!” It seems like it would be much cheaper to put my own together with a quad-core than buy a pre-assembled one. So,,,yeah! Anyways, thanks for the advice.

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      BTW, can you run a quad-core processor on XP Pro and not have it 64 bits or whatever? Am what I’m saying making sense?

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