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      Awesome blog post I’m rehashing on here.

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      Yeah, there’s some good advice there but I thoroughly and wholeheartedly disagree with that ‘Don’t buy gear’ statement. You can’t ‘always buy or rent gear’ if you don’t live where there are any gear rental places, you don’t have a credit card which will cover the costs, have established credit with the rental house or have take up a short-fuse gig. What you shouldn’t do is ‘chase the latest gear trends’. You need some gear on hand, but borrow or rent gear you don’t use all that often like ‘Jibs’, Dolly Setups, Cranes or specialty cameras. And rent only if the cost of the rental gear is covered and readily available in the budget. Far better for your client to pay you for the cost of your gear than have that money pass through your hands to someone else. How’s that look when 75-85% of your budget is going to rental costs? Who are you working for, you or the rental house?

      I do agree about the ‘Cold Calls’. I hate making them as it is often a waste of mine and the potential client’s time. Far better to network them and arrange a sitdown to discuss and show what you can do for them. If you are lucky enough for your rep to proceed you, they’ll contact you.

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