Building A Computer For Vegas Pro 9

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I'm building a computer for running primarily Sony Vegas Pro 9, and I need a little help on choosing the graphics card. I would like it to be NVIDIA has I have had too many ATI cards fail on me. I know that it really doesn't require a high-end graphics card, it just needs to support DirectX 10, so I really don't want to spend over $200.

Any suggestions for a good, NVIDIA, under $200, that will be perfect for Vegas Pro 9?

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check out both Tiger and New for NVIDIA based GPU's. Both sites have extensive selections so you shouldn't have trouble finding something you're looking for. Don't forget to read the reviews before you buy!

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I recently built a computer for Vegas 9, I got an ATI Radeon 5770 for mine, if you want a strong Nvidia card, look at their quaddro workstation cards. Eventually you will have to trade off price for performance though.

If you want to go back to ATI, my card only cost $120 dollars and it is handling 1080p video very well!

And don't forget about getting a very strong processor!

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Thinking about using Vegas (latest Pro) for editing off a Sony HVR-V1P cam for semi pro vid's. What would you recommend in January 2011 for Computer Specs? Also what are good reasons for using Sony Vegas over other suites?

Any help much appreciated.


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Also remember that Vegas does not rely much on graphics cards which you mentioned but loves Ram and CPU I run a Core 2 quad with 4 Gigs of ram and I have no trouble at all with HD and AVCHD, but when I render i do get pretty close to the max. I run windows 7

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Also, if it is an option I am pretty sure that Vegas 10 has improved utilization of GPUs. So it will better use your videocard to render video while editing. I haven't tested this out for myself yet. Though, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade!