Building a comp for editing?

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      Ok I’m talking to someone that has built comps for about 10 years now and I have seen their work. They are good. So we are talking about building a comp from scratch. I was wanting to get some input from those that have upgraded or built for this same reason. I’m basically wanting types and maybe brands of hardware to install as well and case choices and anything else you think might be helpful.

      There are a few musts that I know of for the full effect to work. I’ll need a sound card, video card w/as much video memory as possible, LOTS of hard drive space, more fans then Jessica Alba, a DVD burner, at least a Gig of ram, second DVD rom/burner for faster copying,…um….what am I leaving out and what else can you suggest?

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      550W good power supply
      Intel Core 2 Duo
      Intel 975 mobo
      2 Gig DDR 2 800
      small OS drive
      Capture drive (320G Seagate)
      Render drive (320G Seagate)
      Nvidia 7600 GT 256

      that should take care of the basics.


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      I’ll pass that info along to my tech person. Thanks a bunch.

      Anyone else got anything to add?

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      HI Hank,
      i am guessing you are a bit outdated 😀

      the intel 975 chipset board will have 8 sata ports! NOT a MATX board. i would never recommend a POS like that for video.
      FYI almost NO new mobos have 3 PCI slots, and what in the world would you need them for?
      PCIe has taken over.

      all new mobos have 4 Memory slots (except for Matx POS’s and even most of them do) and we can now buy 4Gig single sticks!

      optical drive is a given i said "the basics"!

      here we totally disagree. only 1 internally if you are burning mulitple disks professionally then buy a Primera or other sort of duplication tower.
      FYI the more DVDs you try to burn at once the slower it burns….

      drives i completely disagree as well.

      NEVER read and write to the same drive.
      a minimum prosummer set up is a 3 drive setup like i listed above.
      where a "pro" DV/HDV(not uncompressed HD) would be
      1) small OS/programs drive
      2) 2 drives in raid 0 for capture/work
      3) 2 drives in raid 0 for render to/storage
      4) Ext storage

      Video cards. a 7600 wil be dual head in fact only very low budget cards are not anymore.
      a 7600 will allow for multiple overlays, 3d lower thirds etc.
      for Pro use a Quadro 1500.

      FYI i didnt go overboard on my recommendations for him as if you have read a few of his posts he is not doing this professionally (making money)
      if he was i would be recommending a professionally built system.


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      Not doing it professionally at all. I’m wanting to basically shoot and edit including digital effects of all kinds for me, my family and friends and I do hope to start making full length films for the local theater one day but that is at least 15 or so minutes from now.

      So I want to build, as I can, a video editing computer with enough power and hardware to edit and store for a short time several 15 to 20 minute movies as well as maybe a series I hope to do online. I know I will need a lot of HD space and I plan to buy as many and as big as I can.

      I’m not sure what you mean by optical drive. I assumed that was the video card but then again the last comp I built was a state of the art comp complete with the newest Windows OS "Chicago" or as most people called it…Windows 95.

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      HI Compusolver,

      ok lets clarify a few things…

      read and write to the same drive….
      i should rephrease that to mean
      do not RENDER to the same drive as you work (capture) from…. thus why i recommend a seperate render drive.
      2 things are most important in final render (format change EG: DV to AVI/Mpeg) times.
      CPU power
      HDD thruput.

      if you render to the same drive your raw files are on its terrribly slow compared to having 2 drives (or 2 raid arrays)
      for a home hobbiest its fine. for a weekend warrior or worse a Pro its not acceptable as time is money!.

      as to Video card i would use the Quadro 1500 Pro it has a breakout for composite/component/Svideo and does HD.
      it does not have HDMI…

      the other option is tho get Decklinks new HDMI card. it will allow capture and output its like $299 this can be used with your existing video card (assuming you have a PCIe slot)


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