[b]Sold My Fx1 To Buy A Canon A1[/b]

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      πŸ˜• Sold My Fx1 To Buy A Canon A1


      I’m mainly an event videographer(weddings…)but I’m also doing from time to time music clips ,live concerts for small music bands, some low budget commercial adds and sometimes indie movies with some friends that have always dreamed of being actors.
      I had for one year used Sony FX1.It was a very functional camera,convinient to hand-hold ,without any kind of support ,it made slowly one thing with my body,as sometimes I could lean it in front of my shoulder.The colours were warm and pleasant,the picture generally was solid but not so grispy .Outdoors always had a dreamy sense(because of the low clarity) something I gradually started to like.,but it’s indoors behaviour I could say it wasn’t so perfect.Eventhough I filled the background with light always there was a high contrast and usually dark sense(gray to black tones were so close).I also really liked the LCD screen.
      Now The question is :Has anyone done this transition from FX1 to A1? Is this camera proper for an event videographer?What are the advantages and disadvantages of this change…Does it worth it?Any other suggestion,thought,and opinion would be with joy accepted…Thanks for your time…

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      hello, let me help you answer your question.
      I swiched from a gy dv500 camera to xh a1 in about 2 years. Now that is what you call a dramatic jump. The fx1 camera is not the best camera produced buy sony. That is more of a prosummer that a pro camera. The sony z1u would fall to the pro section. I have had the xh a1 for a few monthes now and it is beautiful. The quality is better that the z1 and alot newer. You will love the swich to a "True" HDV camera. This offers alot more pro feachers that the fx1 and you will not miss a thing. Trust me you will be glad you got rid of the fx1.

      Good luck

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