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      I have a cheap ($399) Sony Trv250. I’ve had it for a year and half, and now it wont work. Everytime I set it to film mode, it goes to a green screen with lines through it. It’s not the LCD screen, because I looked through the viewfinder and it still does it. I took it to Radio Shack and the guy there thought it was the LCD, then changed his mind and thought it was the lens. He’s a local idiot here, so I didn’t expect to get much from him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      The key piece of information is missing here. “What does it record on tape when you are are seeing this green screen”? If it records the green screen with lines through it then it is probably the camera section that has gone bad?

      It really doesn’t matter much, what has gone bad. The camcorder is terminal junk now. It is time to look for a new camcorder.


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