Broadcasting Live Video to web with several Hurddles,advice?

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      Here is my situation…
      I work for a company that has a whold stringent policy for web use, my issue is, I am trying to broadcast live events from our laboratory to a user of our laboratory in another location. Like when we test something and they may want to watch.
      I was thinking of hooking a good DV camcorder to a laptop, good capture software and using wireless to access our internet (this system must be portable) and using something like netmeeting or windows messenger to give the other user access to my video.
      Here are my Hurddles…
      Must be low bandwidht (company wont let me eat it up)
      Must be high quality video (otherwise worthless)
      Must be portable (enough to move around a laboratory)
      Must be relativly simple to use (im no IT or Video wiz)
      Any advice on how to persue this? I will listen to anything, appreciate everything…and hope you can be detailed and maybe give examples on how to do this from the ground up…like I said i dont know much.
      Thanks a million!!!
      hope this works

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      If you want a super easy way to do this, plug a camera into a computer and head over to The site allows you to create a channel that broadcasts your video, and others can watch. You can set the room to private, so only users you allow in will be able to enter, and if they have cameras on their end, they can connect them, and you can have an interactive conference.

      The picture quality isn’t great, but it is a lower bandwidth solution.

      Just a thought.

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      Outside of that though, the two things you want, super low bandwidth and super high quality, are usually not common allies. Higher quality just demands higher bandwidth. There are codecs out there that give a fairly high quality at a fairly low bandwidth, but none of these like rapid movements, and they all need to be prerendered (e.g. not live)

      I would be interested to hear what other solutions are out there.

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      Any reason skype wouldn’t work?

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      I recently used Windows Media Player to broadcast a company event to 85 PCs in 3 branches. All that was needed was for me to download Windows Media Encoder 9 Series (free) and install it on my machine.

      Once I connected the camcorder to the computer (did this via firewire) the program was offered in the list that pops up whenever you hook a camera up or insert a CD or DVD. Turn on the program, select "Live broadcast" and you can select from a list on how high, medium or low of a quality you’d like the picture to be and also select what kind of audio quality you’d like. I selected "broadcast video" and "voice quality" and together that was about 275kbps.

      All the staff had to do was to launch Windows Media Player on their own PCs, go to File | Open URL and I supplied them with the URL of my PC (the I.P. address) which ended with a colon and then the port number through which the media was being sent. I was extremely surprised at how simple it was.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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