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      Hi everybody, I shoot wedding video here in toronto. Most of my client are immigrant and come from overseas. I use sony pd 170 camera with equipment. Where can I find the information or the link about broadcasting your video live on internet so my cliient relatives can see it overseas. a big thanks to all for sharing your advise.

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      If you want to do this live you’re gonna have to pay mega $$$ and spend lots of time on setting up equpiment. Why not just post the finished production video online for after wedding viewing by all – Including overseas folks. Also, live broadcast does not take into account time zone differences (I don’t think they’re gonna wanna get up at 3:00 AM to watch Sally & Joe tie the knot).

      Just MHO.

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      Hi Hank –

      I was not talking about surveilance quality vide – Yes for that you can do it for a few hundred bucks – I was talking about TV quality video – We wanted to do this at our company for a live video feed and for decent quality I was looking at over $10K (servers, camera and light rental, software).


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      thanks guys, what is the best way to put the video online after you done all the shooting at the wedding. any recommended sites and how much they charge and how long they keep the video. thanks

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      thanks you are always very knowledgeable. can u tell me something about flash? thanks again

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      I think that the solution you’re searching is Streaming BASE; a broadcaster which allows you to share videos, images all in real time. It’s the best tool set on the market today.

      Additionally, you can use a helpful tool to encode any video format into a FLV format. This tool is Monster Encoder, which is a video encoding tool set which allows you to upload and publish unlimited video formats. Once encoded, videos are organized into video galleries and may be streamed by web site or cell phone users. The FLV formats are played from the freely available Flash Video Player. The Flash Video Player is used by 98% of Internet users, and this makes Monster Encoder an extensive solution to create endless hours of content.

      Good luck!

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      I picked up a copy of On2 Softwares Flix Standard (about $40) and it converts video (many formats) to Flash (one pass only – for two pass you need their Pro version for $200). When I put thw SWF on my webpage, and someone opens that up in their browser, the file starts to play before then entire download is complete, so it does it’s own kind of streaming in a way (not as good as a streaming server but good enough for most clips). The Flash can be made significantly smaller than a corresponding MPEG-2 file (lower res, audio, etc…) and I have taken a 200MB MPEG-2 clip and made it web viewable (OK – Not great but good enough) at less than 20MB.

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      I downloaded Video2SWF software ($49) and it does a pretty good job. Recently, though, I’ve just been using Google video. It’s fast, free, and I like the "cross advertising" opportunities it provides. I did a quick video for a client in the Dominican Republic (search for it… Santa Comes to Cabarete), and have had three inquiries about doing more work from people in the area that stumbled upon it.

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      If you are ready to spend real bucks on that, I can recommend you 5DTV, They serve Canadian national networks and provide satellite uplink.

      For sharing, you can try upload services like Google Video or DivX Stage6 at (the latter provides better quality, but takes forever to upload).

      Andrei, Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video Guide at

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