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      I would like to start making my work broadcast ready. I have heard that for broadcast they use a brickwall limiter set to -3.5 db. I know they use brickwall limiters but i’m not sure if that number is right, i got it from a amature source.

      does anyone have experience in broadcast? can you give me some tips for capturing audio for broadcast.

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      I’ve always been told that for my final video, audio should hang out around -12dB and never peak over -6dB. It’s best to check with the station who is broadcasting though. They may have different requirements than others. But a general rule of thumb is around -12db and never peak over -6dB.

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      Ok thanks, I have no station i’m working with. I just want my stuff to be broadcast ready incase I stumble onto a really good story I could sell to the local tv stations. I plan on covering local events and somtimes it is ineresting to the local news and they show up late. I may get lucky and have some footage they want.

      That brings up another question, what Video format does most news stations use?

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      I’m not sure. I’d just give them the footage on tape.

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      I dropped my MiniDV footage off at my local station and all was fine.

      I happened to be filming an event and their camera guy got rerouted at the last minute so I dropped some of my footage off and they said they have the capability to use pretty much anything.

      When I saw it on the news later that night, it looked awsome.

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      what did they pay you for your footage?

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