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      I found a couple of website that I thought you might be interested in. However, before going to far, please read the whole post to see some issues I ran into..

      For Audio:

      And this 100% FREE codec converter program! Claims to convert pretty much any file to other files (like VOB to AVI for instance)

      Before Premiere, I edited a friends wedding on a Sony knock off. I saved a copy of the dvd for myself thinking that if I ever needed that footage again, Id simple be able to drop it in for re-editing.

      As I learned, Premiere primarily wants Avi or Mpeg imports.

      This converter is supposed to bridge that gap.

      I tried to convert files from that dvd but only one of several of the VOB files were converted (which was all I needed anyway).

      The support team replied to me saying that "you need to rip the entire dvd to your hard drive first, then use the converter" (I dont see what the difference is between that and pulling the files straight from the DVD?

      They recommend this free DVD ripper…

      Since then, I’ve written this to their support…

      I had a short demo reel ready to post to my website yesterday. Saved the file, closed the application and came back to it the next day.

      When re-opened, the application said some files were missing (the application puts an offline notice in place of the clips.)

      I thought that somehow the files must have become corrupt.

      at this point I received the other mail from thier support, saying to use

      I DLed this, ripped the dvd files to avi.

      re-imported the files to the application. The files appeared there but they "strobed" – big gaps in the frames — I thought this was due to the frame rate which I chose 25fps at first so I re-encoded the entire thing again, this time using 29.9fps

      –reimported the assets but the "strobe effect" is still there. The first time I encoded the files, I did not rip the dvd. I aimed Super at the dvd and saved the files to the hard drive as AVI with MPEG 4 decoding and MP3 audio – did not use the ripper the first time and the files were ok initially.

      Since then, I tried re-encoding into MPEG IV, then re-imported as Mpeg but it still strobes.

      Maybe these programs are not so brilliant after all or could it be that Im not as brilliant as I thought (although, I highly doubt the latter ;~)

      Any ideas or suggestions would be great thanks

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      ok it coud be something worst…

      this sequence was comprised of clips from two weddings.

      the first was original footage and had no probelms.

      the second was from this crazy conversion job.

      However Iwent back to review the clips from the first video — they ALSO shake now!!

      could this have become a global matter?

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      Hank — it works! must have needed defragmenting!! I usually delete the cashe files but dident think the storage drives would require this as they are only about 4 months old. In fact, they DID!

      works now. thanks so much.

      I posted the result to Youtube — shortly after I was able to see the peice. Next time I tried however I got the "if you just posted this.

      .. I also used the code from Youtube and inserted it in the code on my website — a white square appears but no video.

      I assume this is because its not working on Youtube?

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