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      I have a wedding gig coming up and the bride would like some footage of her and her husband getting ready before the wedding.

      Does any one have any suggestions for questions to ask the bride and groom while they are getting prepared for the wedding? Or any other suggestions for capturing good footage during their prep. Thanks

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      During the ‘prep’ sessions you have a wonderful opportunities to get intimate answers to questions which would be harder to pull out during a more formal interview. The key is to keep it ‘friendly’. Remember, the ‘B&G’ are probably nervous and may be stressing the coming event (though hopefully happily) so how well you setup your relationship with your clients prior to the ‘day’ will decide how comfortable your client’s will be with you during this important part of the shoot. Obviously, have a really short list of basic questions to ask to get things started but be prepared to pickup on ‘little things’ that come out during the conversation.’ Don’t forget to just let them talk even if there is something you caught that you want to go into further. You’ll find yourself digging out some wonderful gems conducting this portion of the interviews in this manner.

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