breaking into the tv commercial market?

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      Any thoughts on the best way to break into the television commercial market? I started up a small video production business about a year ago in Columbia, MO and have no problem generating wedding and event video leads, but hardly ever get any corporate leads. Where do most local businesses go to have ther commercials produced? Ad agencies? I live in a fairly small market (about 90,000 people), and 90 percent of the local commercials are horrible. Very low production value….Any thoughts?

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      The odds are that the local cable company is providing the ad production for “free” when the advertiser or agency buys ad time. The clients’ get what they pay for.

      If you’re ready, call on some of those advertisers and ask for the person who does the ad buy, or if it’s a really small business, that’s probably the owner. Find out if they are happy with the quality of their ad.

      In the meanwhile, call the cable company and inquire what format they can accept for your client’s commercials. Make sure that you can produce that format. If you’re lucky, they will take a DV tape.

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      That makes sense. I couldn’t imagine that a respectable ad agency would be putting out such low quality material. Thanks!

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