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      Do you think there is a market for an e-book that would educate people on how to break into the professional video and film industry without a formal education? I started without a degree and feel grateful to have worked my way up to a General Manager position of a major Northwest company. The company I run produces several travel/adventure programs for HD television. Over the last fifteen years I have been an Editor, Director of Photography, Producer, and now a GM.
      What a lot of people dont understand is that this is a meritocratic industry that does not require the time and expense of a formal education. Ive met many people that go to school for years to get their communications or journalism degree. They incur massive debt and then struggle to find any work at all. I have knowledge that I could share that would enable people with or without a degree to find work and stay consistently employed with top organizations.
      I am not the best or the most creative in the industry. I have just modeled successful people and read many books that I have forged into a sound game plan that has always landed me a job in the television industry. Do you think there is a market for an e-book that would educate people on how to break into the professional video and film industry without a formal education?

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      Go for it. Or just do it for free to help people.

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      I am working as a news and wedding cameraman and editor without full formal education in that field. And I personally know few more people doing the same. So of course it is possible. It’s not a brain surgery. It’s a craft and art business. You need a talent, a hard work and a little bit of luck to get through.

      As for the book, of course there is a market for a success story book. Go for it. There may be creative writing needed though.

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      Do some market research on e-books. Are the numbers going up or down. I supect they are stable, but a small or minute share of the market, as compared to books and video’s, those major take home media big cats. Are you personally keen on reading e-books as part of your routine; do you know others who are? I think generally, those getting into video would primarily be seeking out the same medium, videos, as their reference points. About a year ago, one of my candidates (as a recruiter) for a govt senior management job was the prez of an e-book company, she wanted out. Business, at least hers, wasn’t doing so great.
      Apparantly, there was never a shake out of technologies for reading e-books, so there are still competing systems; that doesn’t help much in marketing an e-book, if it’s not in the system that your target e-book reader uses at this time.
      At some point e-books could take off and you would be there to capitalize; something of a gamble though. I still watch lazer discs but their day has come and gone.
      If you did an e-book, and it turned out to be the definitive epic statement on the subject (for one moment at least), you would be developing content that could be transposed to other media relatively simply (with your background I would think): books, DVD’s, web sites. If the e-books weren’t strong sellers, the spinoffs might still do well (e.g., links to sites where your videos can be seen or ordered).
      You seem committed to share with others how they can do it, following a path like yours. Perhaps you could package a presentation and go on the road and airwaves, like Timothy Robbins and many others on the talk circuit. For some, telling the story and motivating others can be more self-satisfying/actualizing AND LUCRATIVE than just being a practitioner.
      Best of Luck!
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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