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      Ok. So I want to make videos. But I have NO idea how.

      But first things first, I need to buy a camera and equipment. I don’t want to have to put down a huge investment right off, but I do want to buy nice equipment.

      I would like a camera that doesn’t need a lot of artificial light, because I plan on randomly going around a shooting stuff.

      I also need an editing software, and need some suggestions on that as well.

      I don’t really know what else I need, so any and allhelp will be appreciated.

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      You can make a good start at answering your questions by reading Videomaker Magazine, both here on-line and in hard copy. You can also search for similar posts and responses on this Forum.

      I’m not trying to trivialize your questions, but rather to suggest that there is an excellent resource here that will acquaint you with the pros and cons of various hardware and software available to the beginner.

      Once you think you have some ideas about what you want, check out the reviews of products on-line. These, especially if they are customer reviews such as you can find at B&H, will give you an excellent idea of what users think of each product.

      Finally, once you’ve narrowed down the choices, return here to the Forum and see what responses you get.


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      Many of your questions cannot be addressed without knowing your budget – You say you don’t want to make a huge investment but assuming you already have a PC or MAC that is relatively current to use, just a camera & software would start at $1000 and go up quickly from there. This is also assuming you’re not just looking to do iPhone YouTube videos of relatively low quality.

      How much would you consider a huge investment -$1000? $5000? $10000?

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