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      I just signed up for the Videomaker conference in Boston on Oct 7, the conference on editing. (It is NOT a workshop.)

      Has this conference been offered before? If so, have any of you attended? What was your opinion?

      I am not a professional videographer. At best, I am an occasional hobbyist. I want to do more with what I have, without spending oodles of money. I have a simple JVC mini DV camcorder, with no jack for an external mic, and no shoe for mounting a light. I do not wish to purchase fancy lighting set-ups, or any other equipment for that matter. I use Pinnacle Studio Plus, version 9, for editing and DVD authoring. (You can all stop boo-ing and hissing now. It’s a very good program for someone at my level.)

      With what I already have, will this conference be worthwhile for me? Or will this conference be geared toward more advanced videographers?



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      I’d never boo and his at an editing setup. In fact, I’ve often suggested in the past that people who are planning to "go pro" start off with introductory software. It’s a great way to get most of the advanced functionality at an affordable price.

      I had a JVC consumer MiniDVcamera once myself. I loved it until it died in the midle of a once-in-a-lifetime trip my wife made to perform in front of the leader of Cambodia, and now we can’t even pull footage off the half a tape it did film. I’ll sell the infernal thing to you for parts. πŸ™‚ I’m a Sony/Canon man today, and I would even suggest that if (but most likely when) your camera dies, you get a Sony or a Canon. Even their consumer stuff is good, IMO.

      I’ve never been to one of these workshops, but if it’s anything like the articles VM magazine has, it will likely be quite good. I’m sure that even as a hobbyist you’ll be able to pull something from the event.

      If CFulton shows up, he’s the admin here and on staff at VM. He may have a better explanation, but you know, my advice is you can never learn too much, so go on and attend. It could be a blast.

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      Thanks for your comments, Jim. Sorry to hear about the inopportune demise of your JVC camera.


      #10: "I’m using Windows Movie Maker version 1.0. Do other editing programs even exist?"

      #9: "I have 4 hours and 22 minutes of raw footage of our vacation. Maybe I’ll just leave it like it is when we show it to family."

      #8: "Who needs editing? My camera does it all."

      #7: "I forgot to shut off the camera. It taped for an hour before the battery went dead. Is there some way to remove that footage?"

      #6: "Hmmm…. should I use my digital video camera to shoot this? Or dust off the old 8mm movie camera?"

      #5: "I want to make a music video. The music will be all four movements of Beethoven’s Symphony #9."

      #4: "I’m thinking of making a video using nothing but still pictures. The problem is, I only have two still pictures."

      #3: "My editing software has 99 video tracks and 99 audio tracks. I think it would be neat to use them all in the same video."

      #2: "The opening credits in my video last longer than the video content itself. Is that OK?"

      And the number 1 reason to attend a conference on video editing:

      #1: "You mean 42 assorted transition styles in a 4-minute video is too many?"

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      Thank you, Hank!!

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