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      Bored Of The Rings – The Movie a feature length ultra-low budget digital movie project. It is an satirical parody of the Lord of the Rings story, as expressed in both book and film. And although inspired in concept by the excellent Bored of the Rings book by Harvard Lampoon, B.O.R. the Movie is an original work. Insofar as a spoof of a film of a book can be…..whatever that is.
      This “Bored Of The Rings” has been written for the 21st Century, since we all live there now.
      No disrespect is intended to J R Tolkien, Peter Jackson or Harvard Lampoon, We Just Wanna Have Fun.
      Who is doing this then? – That would be Gomni Productions, you can find out all about Gomni Productions at the Gomni Website.

      BORED OF THE RINGS Part 1 – The Feeling Up Of The Ring – 1HR 10 mins
      This Breath-takingly shot movie, complimented by it’s deeply inspired soundtrack is a wonderful Parody of L.O.R.part1 with “Goblin Girls” “Fairies” “Orcies” not to mention “GAN-J-A-LF The Green” “Knobby Son Of Groin” and “Sa-roo-man Bin Laden”
      A Gob-Stopping, Thigh-Slapping, Nose-Dripping Rollercoaster of a Yarn. This Monster of a film will make you either wet your pants laughing or writing to your MP!
      It is a Black Comedy cunningly disguised as a Good – Natured Wheeze. It peels of our rose tinted glasses and reveals the sordid truth about our so-called heroes.
      It’s a Last of the Summer Wine meets Monty Python in a Spike Milligan nightmare dripping with obscenities. A no-holds barred Comedy/Terrorism outbreak in white panties.
      What’s even more disturbing is its striking resemblance events in the real world.
      But then that’s what you’d expect wouldn’t you?

      BORED OF THE RINGS Part 2 – The Two Tossers – 35min
      Darker, stranger, funnier and even more stunning to both watch and hear –
      B.O.R. II – The Two Tossers features Edweird king Of the Potatoes, “Sheep-Shaggers” “Horny Orcies” not to mention “Golem the Gimp”, Legless The Fairy ” and all manner of spaced out weirdness.

      BORED OF THE RINGS Part 3 – The Return Of The Jedi? – 35min
      The final and most spectacularly dark and disturbing installment of this trilogy in two halves we can laugh at the final ignominies and betrayals, and yet still see past that to our genuine emotional empathy for our beleaguered anti-heroes, incredible visuals, music, acting performances, simply stunning in every way.

      Fact is you don’t need to pay money to find out – We think these movies more than speak for themselves and so we invite you to download all of them for FREE at
      Why not just see for yourself?

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      Update for Bored of the Rings πŸ˜€

      Bored of the Rings has been released by popular demand 4 weeks before its official launch date which was supposed to be 1st october………….. which is now official press launch of movie culminating in Premiere at Dundee contemporary arts theatre on October 27th
      16,000+ copies of Bored of the Rings have been downloaded from Death to in the last 3 weeks so already many people all over the world have watched it πŸ˜€
      May I take this opportunity to cordially Invite Mr Peter Jackson to be guest of honour at the premiere on 27th october πŸ˜€ The offices of BOR and DTH will make it official and are sending a DVD copy of BOR for his enjoyment πŸ˜€

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