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      I have a setup where i got my camera and i send signal via s-video to DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER then out to several televisions and a projector 50 to 100 feet away. I was told that using a “BOOSTER” or a “RECIEVER” or even a “DVD player” BEFORE or AFTER the DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER will increase the quality of the signal. Is this true? I tried a little “booster” that plugs into an outlet with the projector and I did not see the quality go up any help would be appreciated.

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      The distribution “amplifier” basically IS a booster. To place a booster before the amplifier would mean you are “amplifying” the signal before you “amplify” the signal. This is unnecessary. As far as a receiver after the DA, I guess you would consider your TVs and/or projectors to be the “receivers” since they are “receiving” the signal the DA is sending them. A DVD player would not come in to play on the receive side of this set-up. The DVD could be used in this system to provide a signal INSTEAD of the camera, if you needed to play back something. You could use an A/B switch to switch between the camera and DVD if needed.

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      For runs of more than 100 feet, there are in-line signal boosters you can obtain to keep the signal up and hopefully reduce signal loss/interferance. I feed up to 100 feet of S-video signal into a DA, then up to another 100 feet into the receivers – projector, screens, recorders, etc.

      Beyond that, I would be likely to use in-line signal boosters/amplifiers between the DA and receivers. MarkerTek, B&H Photo Video and many others sell these items.

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