Boom Pole Problems

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      I just got my boom pole last month. I used it twice and its really good. So, I was going to use it to record something yesterday and then there is a problem. The screw on the top is not there.

      I got a video of the pole so you can see what I am saying. Its will be up in a minute. I need to fix this problem and i still dont know what happen. The screw seems to be in the pole.

      Look at 40secs in the video. There is the screw. How can i take it out?

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      I have not used this particular model, so may just suggest. I would try to unscrew it out with the plyers or a bigger screwdriver. Or go to music store, they have all kind of screws for mic stands, you may be able to find another head screw and a new head to your boom.

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      Tried. Does not work.

      Anyone else?

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