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      just made this over the last two evenings for an upcoming event. It was a non paying gig I did for a friend. It will be posted on a boating website/forum and aimed at folks who understand what the event is.I’m still learning and honing my skills, please be gentle…

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      It works. Looks like fun. But the camera person had a bit of trouble focusing on the boats 🙂 not complaining mind you, just an observation. I am not totally fond of the animated frame and use of elements that don’t always seem to make sense (numbers that flashed along the right-hand-side of the animated frame) but I realize it is something a lot of people do to try and establish some sense of excitement. Based on learning and honing your skills, I’d say you’re headed in a good direction.

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      Thanks Earl, I bought a bunch of digital juice products and am probably getting carried away with them (cause I just want to use the darn things) and understand less is usually better. The boating footage was given to me on dvd. Thanks for your response, Ill keep at it…

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