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      Hi, I use Premiere Pro CS3 and Avid Pro. I have never had to disguise a car number plate before but it is necessary to do so in a documentary I am editing at the moment. Obviously, the rest of the screen image should be normal. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? Any advice gratefully received.

      Best wishes


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      I haven’t tried it in Premiere yet, but I have done it Avid. You’ll have to make a ‘shape’ (rectangle for license plate) fill it (most likely white), lower it’s opacity to where its translucent enough to blur the numbers and then keyframe it to track the movement of the vehicle. Toughest part is getting a smooth keyframe to both obscure the plate and not look took ‘clunky’ doing it.

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      Hi Composite1 – thanks for the prompt reply – much appreciated.

      I’ll get on it.

      Thanks again


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      Here is a tutorial for Premiere Elements but it is almost identical to doing the effect in Premiere Pro, any version.

      There are also other free tutorials at and

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      The free Youtube video editor tool has just newly released feature with which you can blur out moving faces or any other objects, say license plat etc. I just tested myself and it works pretty well. So I made a video about how to use it, here is the tutorial:

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