Blurred image with noise.

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      Hey you guys.I am new to this so be forgiving if my questions sound a bit strange.I create online property videos for Real Estate agents but my videos come out a bit blurred around the edges and have a bit af noise.I use a Panasonic SDR-S26 camcorder with Avs video editor software for editing.After creating the video I then ad this to Xvid4psp5.0 to enhance the colour.Is ti just the quality of my camcorder that causes the blurred image or is it my software?I was thinking to invest into a HD camcorder to eliminate the blurring and noise indoors.Any help or advice will be much apreciated.I have a few samples on my website at

      Kind regards to all.


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      It’s just blurred around the edges? Not in the middle of the image? Perhaps you could embed a video or give us a link so we can see what you mean. I haven’t seena camcorder do what you’re describing (unless you intentionally want it to with lenses, etc.) so that leads me to believe it’s your software, but I’d like to see a sample before I make that my “final answer.” 😉

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      I viewed the portfolio on your web site. They don’t look blurry around the edges to me. They look great, actually. I think the sunlight helps! Is there one in particular you can point out?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      The best noise and blur reduction tool I have seen is Neat Video ( Its very powerful, but I’m afraid you cannot used it with your NLE. If you change to another NLE such as Premiere or Vegas this is a tool you should have on your arsenal.

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      Hey pseudosafari thanks for the complement.I do however feel that I need to improve my property videos a lot.
      When I watch the video clips on the camera it looks very crisp and sharp but as soon as I upload it into my AVS VIDEO EDITOR PROGRAM it doesnt look as sharp as it did before.But anyhow I will have a look at Sargeheros advice on neatvideo and see.

      Thanks once again.

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