blurred HD screen after my movie is completed… Hmmm…

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      Hi all,

      I’m making a movie (well, a 3 minutes-long one!) and when it’s completed and exported in AVI by Adobe PPro 2.0 I play it on my HD TV thru my Graphic Card output linked to my TV. Everything looks nice. It’s not a HD movie, just standard Widescreen 720X480 one.

      But, once I burn it on DVD, I watch it thru my DVD player, seems like the quality is going down. Everything looks like blurred, mostly when I do pans on the pictures of my videos..

      Is it because my TV is HD, but my video isn’t ? How do I correct the situation ? Any settings to change on my TV ? DVD player ?

      PS : my DVD player is Pionneer, about 4 years old.

      Thank you for any input!


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      AVI is less compressed than the MPEG2 that DVDs use. So that would make a slight difference.

      Also, depending on how you encode the widescreen movie to MPEG2, that might waste some screen space, leaving less screen area for the picture data. Do you put black bars top and bottom, or do you squeeze the widescreen image into a 4×3 space and then have the TV unsqueeze it. (The latter should give sharper results.)

      Oh, one more thing: If you view the same image on 2 different screens, one much larger than the other, the image on the larger screen looks fuzzier because you can see the limit of the detail. If you place the larger screen far enough away so that it “seems” the same size as the small screen, both screens should look equally sharp. (Don’t know if that was a factor in your case, but I thought I’d mention it.)

      Ken Hull

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      Also, If you ever go to a store and look at the New HD tvs on display, you’ll notice that the picture is usually pixelated or slightly blurry. This is because the image is being stretched to fit the HD screen. These are SD images on an HD screen.

      Now if you look at the same TV’s when an HD image is being displayed, it is crystal clear.

      To tell you the truth, I would not want an HD TV, if 90% of what I watch is going to be SD anyway. It looks like crap.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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