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Okay, here's another, " What's the best . . . ? " question: What is the best BluRay media to buy? I suddenly ran up against " LTH " ( low-to-high )rated blank discs. Apparently this is a variation on what was previously " HTL "?? In reading some user ratings of blank media there seems to be a problem with LTH, but I can't tell if it's the fault of the media or perhaps a fault of the burning software . . . . or operator error . . .Why would a burner, or for that matter a BluRay player care?

I just installed a BluRay burner in my computer, purchased a BluRay player for the TV, and now I'm stuck with having to make a decision of what media to buy. BluRay blanks are expensive enough ( compared to the tried-n-true standard DVD blanks ) that I'm a bit gun-shy, not wanting to make a bunch of expensive " coasters ". There are sucha number of user reviews of any particular product which range from very poor to very good that I tend to think that manynegative reviews may be more a cause of operator error than the fault of the media.

Rick Crampton

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For what it is worth, Blueray blanks are a bit hard to obtain in New Zealand and still a bit expensive so I can only tell you my experience with two types.

I use Panasonic BD-RW 2 x speed for testing finished projects and Verbatim BD-R 4 speed for final output.
Using a Pioneer Blueray burner and Adobe Encore for authoring. Never had a failure.

Cheers Ian