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      I just bought a canon xl1s off of ebay from a seller with great feedback. When I turn it on and look through the viewfinder it will focus and then out of nowhere not even 5 sec later blur horribly (a pulsating blur, in and out). Is this something that I set wrong on the camera or did this person drop the camera and now it is a mechanical problem???

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      In automatic focus mode, focus going in and out is not an unusual condition, under certain lighting conditions and certain subjects.

      Go to manual focus mode and focus manually. I assume this will fix the problem. If it does not, start raising hell with the seller, because this would be a fundamental flaw.

      Also, see my last post to you under General Questions, subject Shutter Speed, where I recommend that you manual focus for the interview.

      You need very good luck today, so BEST OF LUCK!

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      It happens in manual mode as well. So It was def dropped or something. However I am getting my money back I spoke with the seller and might I say it was hell!!!! Thank god its all over. Thank you guys for responding back to me I appreciate it!!!

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      This is a normal problem with the XL-1 series of cameras with the stock lens. Search the web for XL-1 Focus problem and you will find many sites offering workarounds for it.

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      i too have an XL1s, and have recently been (trying) to film a DVD in a Gym.

      Now with the cam set to Auto, and pointed at a low contrast point in low light, the lens pulsates, but is fine when some good contrast is added to the scene.

      I think it also does this in Manual. But it does work fine.

      HOpe this helps, it would be asham eif you had to take it back as it is a great cam, i love it and cant wait till i know how to use it properly (probably never knowing me, no imagination)


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