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      I have it — it is a great tool. For the price (around $50) it is worth it – it can create motion backgrounds and has some simple particle effects too.

      I checked through the user galleries and there is an article there called "Extrusion" that should get you the effect you are looking for.

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      Does anyone use BluffTitler? I downloaded the trial version, which has "Demo" watermarked in the video, but it looks very versatile. The purchase price is about $50 US, I think. It looks like it’s worth it to me, but I’m looking for other opinions before I pay the $50.

      If anyone is familiar with it, let me ask this. Will it make titles similar to the opening credits to the first "Superman" movie? Brief description: the text "swooped" in from behind the viewer while leaving trails. The trails would then "catch up" to the text which would then appear as normal on the screen. It’s hard to describe.

      In my opinion, the "Superman" credits were truly a work of cinematic art. It would be great to be able to do something even remotely similar with a home computer.

      I use Pinnacle Studio, version 9 Plus. People in the Studio user forums recommended BluffTitler, but I wanted to see what non-Studio users thought of it as well.



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      The software looks neat, and the effect really is cool, but the only reason I could see in having this effect would be if you’re trying to spoof a film. I’m brought back in my mind to the hilarious Mel Brooks film "Robin Hood: Men in Tights". Brooks imitated the opening credits of Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood movie, and the ending of the opening sequence made it hilarious. But if any other film out there re-used that effect for a "serious" production, it would look like a cheap ripoff.

      It’s a neat tool, but not something I personally need.

      Besides, I’m the REAL Superman, and I can honestly say that those movies are ripoffs themselves πŸ˜€

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      It just so happens that a buddy of mine that teams up with me on some shoots got this. He was working on a project and wanted something that could generate 3D titles. He asked me what I use and I told him I use After Affects with various plug-in. Then he asked the funniest question Ive heard in a long time Is it easy? 😯 I told him that After Affects can bring you to your knees sometimes.

      Anyway, I saw Blufftitler out there and watched the online tutorial. It seemed very easy to use and it wasnt a lot of money. I suggested that he look at that and thought the same so he bought it.

      I did see his just finished project of which he used 3D chrome block lettering with red trim and what looked like a trail of fire behind the letters. It did look pretty neat. A tad cheesey maybe but it looked OK.

      The advantage is that its cheap, the learning curve isnt bad and you can use it with anything because its a stand alone app. It may not have the total quality like say After Affects does but it will work for the hobbyists out there.


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      I own this and have been using it for almost a year. It is fairly easy to use once you spend some time with it. Some of it can be quite cheesy – it just depends on your approach to it.

      My only problem has been anti-aliasing of titles – I have a "decent" graphics card, not a great one – I’m sure a better 3d type graphics card would make it look better. Rendering is really pretty quick – just be aware you must keep the program window "up front" while it’s rendering.

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