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      I’ve seen some neat tinting effects created by intentionally mis-setting your camera’s white balance. The camera bases what color everything else is from what color you say is white. If you tell your camera that an orange-ish yellow is "white", all of a sudden, the world seems more blue. close your iris a bit and you’ve got a nice, dark, underworldly blue scene.

      Of course, the downside is that when you film it this way, there’s no amount of editing that will make it look completely normal again in post. You can try using Vegas’ color correcting filter, and jacking up the reds and yellows, but it won’t look quite right.

      Give that a shot, and let me know if it’s closer.

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      How did they achieve that?

      I have taken sample video and ran it through Vegas and my friend ran it through Premiere Pro, trying to use brightness/contrast filters and color correctors.

      While we can get a blue tint to it, its not the same. What did they use to acheive that look?

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      Why is the ocean blue? Red is absorbrd within the first few feet. I have the Applied Magic editor and it will produce the same effect easily and instantly through the clips RGB controls. Same for moon light effects.

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      counld that not be achieved by CTB’s and/or make/up,wardrobe?

      That would be my first guess.

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