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      I have to shoot 30 per cent of my video in a hospital emergency but no hospital would let me set up there. Please, somebody tell me how I can use BLUE SCREEN to make it look like the shootings were done there. I cant afford to build a set. Remember there are movements.Rudy

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      I am interested in purchasing an inexpensive Windows XP based software that will allow me to layer 2 video images on top of each other. One of the images would be shot over a “green screen” and then superimposed through the software.
      Which software would you recommend that would allow me to Capture, EDIT (with excellent chromakey) and burn onto DVD for less than $150 price range.

      The second issue I have is that I have a British camera so I want to Capture and Edit using PAL but burn into NTSC…will any of the software allow me to do that also?

      Can you help please

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