Blue- ray Has Won The War

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      Toshiba has surrendered, finally we can move on. I wonder what will happen to Blu-ray prices, now that they don’t have competition. I hope they realize that the format has to get cheaper, before it can really succeed.

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      It is too bad Blu-ray has won this one. HD DVD was the better format of the 2 systems. I also read a post online today that Microsoft is going to stop the HD DVD for it’s game systems put are going to put the best of HD DVD’s extras into its it’s new disk players. We here at DNS Video will have nothing to do with a Sony product after having a drive destroyed by Sony’s rootkit it had on new ‘blank’ DVDs, with no compensation whatsoever from Sony.

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      I beg to differ about the better format.

      With all of the research I have done and with all the people I have interviewed in this particular field, along with many DVD producers, Blu-Ray is by far the superior product.

      I don’t think that a mishap with a sony product warrant the entire product line to be inferior.

      Blue Ray has higher capacity
      More user functions

      Just my 2 cents.

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