Blu Ray victory – implications for buying a camcorder?

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      Now that we know blu ray is going to be around as a consumer playback format for hollywood movies, does it have any implications for which high def camcorder should i buy for family videos?

      It has to have a mini-DV tape formatfor storage, should be easy to burn on a DVD in a high definition format (will buy a High def burner – i know they are expensive!)and the camera itself should cost $700 or less. I do not plan to edit, just transfer and burn. I bought Canon HV 10 last year and returned since I was not ready to invest in the “system” – the PC, the storage, the burner etc. Now I am, but want to make sure I get it right in terms of work flow.

      Thanks, folks!

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      No, you can buy any HD camcorder that you want.

      As long as you can get the footage to your computer, then you can encode it in any format that you need.

      There are some camcorders that use AVCHD, which is not a “universal” format yet, so not all editing programs can handle it. Do your research if that is a possibility for you.

      On the “positive” side for AVCHD, it was created by Sony and Panasonic, so you should be able to take that footage and burn it directly on a DVD, then it should play in a Sony or Panasonic Blu-Ray player.

      I have used Nero 8 to take HD files, trascoded them to AVCHD and burned on a DVD. They played just fine in my PS3!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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