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      got a question i was just thinking by chance is the bluray movie just a add on filter to the movie to make it look clear cut like say if you used a filter like 24pcinemode? i know it looks better cause the more use of raw footage but do you think there is a filter you can add to movie footage to give it that look? hopefully i said that right thanks

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      Nope, it’s actually a LOT more than “just a filter.” And 24 progressive isn’t going to guarantee you an “HD look” either. There are lots of things that can be done with SD, lots of things that can be done cheaply in some form of higher definition, but a filter or special effect isn’t going to accomplish the pristine pimples and nose hairs, peach fuzz and dew look of perfectly focused, well-lighted high definition footage.

      People research and test to find something they can live with, and a whole ‘nother set seek ways to “trash” the HD look so it isn’t quite so crisp and pristine – the quality, class and architecture of what winds up on the screen (outside testing for the numbers using appropriate equipment) is totally subjective. Beauty is in the eye, or attitude, or school of thought, experience, or learning of the beholder.

      None, however, are going to find high definition’s plane of quality apparent in a filter or digital post-production workaround IMHO.

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