Blu-Ray discs as storage?

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      I am shooting a ton of HD video for a new client who needs
      me to overnight materials as soon as I edit. He doesnt care if its a hard
      drive or a bunch of DVD-Rs. Im considering going to Blu-ray rewritable discs
      but am concerned about the stability of the medium. Would appreciate any
      comments from other videographers using Blu-ray for storage.

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      Am I understanding your correctly…your client wants to see rough cuts?

      Don’t waste money by sending rough cuts on Blu-ray. Send him regular DVDs. If he doesn’t like it, make him pay for the blu-ray discs.

      And Blu-ray is a very stable medium as long as you use some common sense…like keeping the disc in a case or CD book

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      Yeah they just want to see rough cuts and they are not the most technologically savvy crew. They will pay for the Blu-ray discs if I ask them to but is there an advantage to doing it that way?

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      “He doesn’t care if it’s a hard drive”

      I’dstick with that.

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      Blu-ray Disc is much more preferable, for 25G or 50G capacity, and latest compression technology.

      You may also need HD video to Blu-ray converter tools.

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      Blu-ray Disc is much more preferable”

      Why is it more prefearableto spend the extra time and money to burn a blu-ray disc just to show some rough cuts?

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      If you have a website, why don’t you just post the cuts on a private page? Since it’s just roughs then you don’t have to worry about color correction and other heavy post work. When I have out of city or state clients I just give them the page address and they are the only ones who can access it. You can make the compression levels according to what their max download speed is. The main thing depends on how much video your provider’s max for your account is. However, if you’re just showing scenes the files shouldn’t be too big. I’m with Coreece, Burning out to Blu-Ray is extra time and money even if the client is willing to pay. Sending a harddrive is for delivering final product with a completed digital master.

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      “Sending a harddrive is for delivering final product with a completed digital master.”

      I agree with you about using your own website, and I do it often, but many times it’s easier for me to just send some type of portable media…(firelite, standard cheap HD, or flashdrive) that way I don’t have to worry about compressing and uploading.

      Of course this all depends on how much footage we’re talking about and what format we’re dealing with.

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