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      We want to be able to copy our HD videos from Canon HV20 and Canon XHA1 cameras. We want to burn in blu-ray and play onSony blu-ray BDP-S301 player on our HD TV. Is this as straight forward as we think is should be or is there something else we need to know. We do not have an editing program at this time but plan to purchase one for this process.

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      Hmmm…. I think this may be more complex than that.

      In a nutshell, you need: Editing Software for Hi-def video and Blu-ray Authoring software. Some companies sell an all in one that can do the job, but be wary of bargains, usually you get what you pay for. In addition you will need a computer that will keep up with this software and be able to burn to your Blu-ray Disc burner. When we made the transition to Blu-ray editing and authoring, we found that to convert Hi-def to Blu-ray disc required an investment in the latest computer hardware to make things work smoothly.

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      Thanks for the infromation. We are still not sure where to start. It seems we need to pursue the computer capability to see if it is even possible with our current computers. We are using top quality 3 year old HP systems. If we can convert our HD tapes to disc that would be sufficient for now. The next step would by editing to smooth everything out. We currently have an authoringsoftware but it does not support Blu-ray without and upgrade. That would be the least of the problems.

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      I dunno about any of your other questions, but a possible alternative to playback of HD material might be the WD TV Media Player by Western Digital – $129.00 solution some of the people on several forums are bragging or gagging about at present.

      So popular that BestBuy sold out its stock on sale at $99 and all the stores near me are on backorder status. WD has a web site (Google it – WD TV Media Player, if you’re curious). I’m reading user reports that video people are even putting their HD resources and demos on USB thumbdrives and enjoying the results. Impressive, IMHO.

      So, if you get your stuff edited and ready to record the way you want, this might be a solution for playback, even delivery while the BluRay situation either comes on stronger, or goes away.

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