Blu-ray and croma 4:4:4

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      Hi I am a newbie,

      Please would help clear up this issue,

      From what information I have seen Blu-ray supports croma 4:4:4.

      People tell be that it cant make use of this extra color information and that using 4:4:4 is

      not possible with Blu-ray.


      C. Reynolds

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      Blu-ray supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. While MPEG-2 is only 4:2:0, apparently MPEG-4 can be encoded at 4:4:4. Now whether or not Blu-ray players actually read that….I dunno. All I can tell you is, for that to really matter, you’d have to pretty much record 4:4:4, which is super high end, and I’m assuming you can’t afford it anyway.

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