Blocky Artefacts in captured video.

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      I use premiere pro and matrox rtx100. I am using a JVC SR-VS20 to cature video. Sometimes I can see small white or gray blocks appear in the footage. I am not sure if this is dirty heads or if the heads are starting to go or indeed something to do with my harddrives. I cleaned the heads a few times which reduced the problem but did not fully clear it. Has anybody seen similar artefacts before?, any ideas of what it may be?

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      I searched this SR-VS20 model number and I’m seeing it as a MiniDV deck.

      A couple of things to help you find the problem. Record some video and play it back from your camera straight onto a TV or monitor of some kind. (Don’t use the PC monitor that you’re editing on.)

      If you are seeing that the artifacts are showing up there, then that tells you that it has nothing to do with PP or your Matrox card. It also tells you that it isn’t your deck or edit monitor either. It’s your camera.

      If it all looks good, capture to your PC hard drive right from your camera instead of going through the deck. If everything looks great there then it for SURE isn’t PP or the Matrox card.

      Since you said that there was a difference after cleaning the heads on your deck, I would think that it has to do with your deck then.

      Your best bet is to probably send it in to a repair shop and have them look at it.


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