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      Does anyone know how to put a black box over a portion of a video? An example would be the black boxes that are placed over someones eyes. I have Adobe Creative Suite but would purchase other software if necessary. I originally created the vidoe in Movie Maker and now I need to "black out" a portion of the frame through the entire video.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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      I just got my Adobe Premiere yesterday so I don’t know about the specifics but any NLE more advanced than Movie Maker can do this.

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      I also have Sony Vegas. How would you block out part of the video using that program? The specific application is that I have a machine running that has a part in it. Due to the proprietary nature of the part I want to block it out or pixelize it while still showing the video of the machine going through it cycle. Due to zooming, camera movement, and the nature of the operation the location of the part moves in the video.

      I am at a loss for both techniques and tools to handle this problem. Any ideas will be appreciated.


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      I’ll assume you’re in standard def, and that whatever version of Vegas you have works about like my pro version of Vegas.
      First, use a paint program to create a 640×480 mask. You could make a 720×480 mask, but you would need to uncheck "maintain aspect ratio" on the graphic in Vegas. Let’s use blue for the chroma key color. Most of this mask graphic will be pure blue. But the area you want blocked out will be black (or whatever color you want the blocked-out area to be). Save this graphic as a BMP. Now go into Vegas and import the mask graphic. (You’ve already imported the videos, right?) Place the mask graphic in its own layer, and move that layer to the top. Now click on the "Track FX" icon for that layer. Select "Sony Chroma Keyer". The chroma key adjustment window pops up. If needed, move the adjustment window so you can see the editor’s preview window. You probably won’t need to adjust anything, since it probably defaults to blue. If the blocked-out area doesn’t have the position and shape you want, use your paint program to change it and save it. You shouldn’t need to shut down and reload Vegas. It senses when the graphic has been saved, and will automatically reload it.

      Have fun! πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      ddtech Wrote:


      I also have Sony Vegas. How would you block out part of the video using that program?


      Actually, there is a much simpler way when doing it in Vegas. Above the video track onto which you want to apply the black box, create another video track and from ‘Media Generators’, choose ‘Solid Color’. Then use either track motion or the Pan/Crop tool to move it to where you want it to be.

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