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      Hello everyone…I love videomaker magazine its the best

      I have a question that I don’t think I ever seen covered though…

      I will be videotaping a series of High School Sporting Events. The finished productions will be sold on DVD and some will be sent to a live webcast host. My question is being that it will be almost impossible for me to have each player on the teams and/or the people in the stands to sign a release form…Could I post a sign at the entrance to the "indoor" arena stating that video taping is being conducted??

      If so…is there certain wording that MUST be stated on the sign?? Like a certain format?? I am prepared to prop it up on a stand so that it will be something everyone will see so there is no one to say "I had no idea this was going on".

      I have asked a family attorney but he really had nothing to say other than he’ll look into it. I do also know that it’s required in the state of NY that if you have security cameras you have to post a sign stating that they are in operation in your building. A simple sign like "Building is equipped with Video Cameras" is all the law states. I also have heard of TV shows (like reality shows) that tape footage of a public event will sometimes post a sign…however I again don’t know what it would have to say to be clear and understood by those reading it.

      In the world we live in where someone can spill a hot cup of coffee on themselves and sue for saying it was too hot and WIN!!!! You can understand how I want to cover my tail!!

      Thanks in advance to all…and please help if you can

      Capt Paul

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      Great thanks Mr Fulton. If it matters I am in NY on Long Island not far where you had your events this past Oct. in NYC.

      I’d be into seeing what you post at your events and/or reg material. I think between the two my lawyer and I can come up with something that will meet the standards needed by the state.

      Thanks again!!

      Capt Paul

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