Blank spots in video

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I am using Premiere 4 to piece together 8 wmv files in NTSC format. All works fine except in 3 of the segments the screen goes blank for 2 or 3 seconds while audio still plays. Check the original files and all fine. Tried everything. Screen just goes black at the exact same spots in middle of those three segments. Any clues or help would be greatly appreciated. It is a memorial slide show for my friends' daughter. Very frustrated at not being able to figure out what is causing those blank spots. Thanks

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You may have to expand your timeline to Max. You may be getting "Flash Frames" I believe.

Use the insert command to place clips into the timeline ... don't drag and drop ... or .... There is a slider on the that you must move to the + sign. Then be sure that there are not spaces in between the clips.

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I had the same problem not long ago I think ... that is if is the same thing????