Blade of the King Goes to Action On Film Fest!

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      Contact: Robin Blesch FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
      Tel. 832-418-0157

      Blade of the King Indie Production Team Wins 2nd
      Place In Film Trailer Category at The Indie Gathering
      Film Festival Blade of the King Production Team Charges Ahead With Screenings

      From the Flames Productions, an independent film production company, is
      set to move forward with Blade of the King, a film, which Director William Blesch and company President Mark Sickle hope to bring to theaters despite major competition from the larger studio productions.

      Based on an original screenplay by Matt R. Lohr, and which producers
      Will and Robin Blesch believe is a unique re-telling of the original epic Beowulf poem, Blade of the King: Concept Film is presently making the rounds at film festivals across the nation. The concept film is designed to help gain needed investment funds for an epic feature film based on the same material. The Concept Film was shot in and around Austin, Waco and San Antonio, Texas from May through June 2005 with a crew made up largely of former crewmembers of the horror film Risen.

      (You can find more on Risen at:

      and at

      From the From the Flames Productions chose Blade of the King, an admittedly ambitious, independent and epic story to prove that Austin and in broader terms, the state of Texas is truly about to become the United States third coast. Learn more about Blade of the King at:

      Blade of the King: Concept Film has been an official selection at
      The Cosmos International Film Festival, the Ubercon Film Festival.

      It has Now Won 2nd Place in the category of Film Trailers/TV Pilots at The Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland/Independence, Ohio which screens for general audiences on Saturday, August 5th at 2:30 P.M.

      Blade of the King: Concept Film has also become an official selection at the much larger Action On Film International Film Festival in Long Beach, CA. and will be screening in their largest 850 person capacity theater on July 29, 2006 at 2:45 P.M.

      If you are in L.A. or Long Beach, or the OC Come Check Us out!!!!

      From the Flames Productions was founded in early 2004 by Mark T.
      Sickle and William Blesch to provide high quality entertainment for both the Motion picture and television industries.

      # # #

      If you would like more information about Blade of the King or to
      schedule an interview with Mark T. Sickle, William Blesch or Robin Blesch,
      please call Robin Blesch at 832-418-0157 or E-mail Robin at:

      From the Flames Productions | 1088 Park Plz. #431 | Austin, TX 78753
      Tel: (832) 418-0157 | e-mail: |

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