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      Hello folks.

      I just bought this card.

      Blackmagic design decklink studio pci express card

      I intended to use it to connect to a third monitor using the HDMI output. The monitor in questions is a PA271W from NEC. A very good monitor for those having to color correct pictures.

      I work with Sony Vegas Pro 10 and it supports the Decklink card. But when I hook the HDMI output from the card to the display: there is no signal. There is no HDMI input on the PA271W, so I use a HDMI to DVI cable and also I tried with a HDMI to displayport converter: in either cases no signal.

      My conclusion is that the HDMI output from the card needs to be connected to a real video monitor or an HDTV television to works fine. If you use a standard Computer display, it will not works.

      Do you have experienced the same thing as me ?


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      Is your channel switched to DVI?

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      The info sheet that comes up when a Google search is made, says that the DeckLink Studio card not only has all those wonderful connections, but also “auto switches” between SD and HD, and goes on to note that there’s an extra SD SDI output via a built-in hardware down-converter for when you’re working in HD.

      Reading further, it implies that you don’t HAVE to connect via HDMI in order to work with main SD/HD-SDI output for HD.

      I could ONLY find a comment that indicated there is a “setting” environment that needs to be set for what you want to do, and perhaps, as XTR inquires, THAT is where you need to adjust for the output. It has been my understanding that HDMI works best in an HDMI-to-HDMI connection, but I could be all wet regarding that. I know there are adapters and other appliances and cables that enable conversion from one connection type to another, but this is beyond my pay grade πŸ˜‰

      I also did a Google search on “converting HDMI output” and there’s a HOST of articles listed regarding various connectivity that might offer you a solution to use your monitor that doesn’t have an HDMI connection, and you might also discover the reason why you’re presently NOT getting a thru signal.

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      Yes, check your EDID settings. After looking at the Manual, it looks like you have to set the DV-I channel to Enhanced to get an HD signal. For more info, check your manual. Also contact both BMD and NEC’s support centers to see if there are any compatibility issues you may be up against. Here’s a copy of the manual online;

      PA271W Manual

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      Yes, XTR-91, I did switch the channel to DVI. If you mean switching the video signal with the input button on the front panel.

      Wolfgang, I did change many times the EDID setting ( Normal vs advance): Nothing change.

      I do have an image, but its a image in RED only. I think that the card is somehow broken. It’s strange.

      I bought it in BH Photo, I would try to exchange it.

      Sorry for my english folks, I’m tired. I really prefer explaining technical stuff in my native language.



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      Hello folks, this the answer from a Blackmagic design representative.

      I had a refund from Bh Photo Video.



      Thank you for contacting us.

      Unfortunately, this workflow will most likely never work for you.

      The problem is, our products only work with native television broadcast
      resolutions (we do not support computer resolutions) and our cards only
      output in the YUV color space.

      Computer displays that take a DVI input, will typically be looking for
      computer resolutions, and while they may also accept tv resolutions, they
      will also be looking for the RGB color space which is not going to come off
      of our products.

      Using a HDMI to DVI cable or adapter, will ‘bend’ the signal and change the
      signal type, but it will not be able to address the color space issue.

      This is most likely why you are seeing a red image on your display.

      Hope this information was helpful.

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      You are incorrect in your first post when you say, “The monitor in questions is a PA271W from NEC. A very good monitor for those having to color correct pictures.” That is not a good monitor because it is a computer monitor. If you are color grading video, you need a real broadcast monitor.

      SO you were obviously correct when you later said, “My conclusion is that the HDMI output from the card needs to be connected to a real video monitor or an HDTV television,” but you are correct for the wrong reason because you’re simply trying to get the HDMI connection to work. Simply getting the HDMI connection to work isn’t enough. You need to be looking at a monitor that accurately displays video – a broadcast monitor or a home television at worst. A computer monitor just doesn’t display video accurately, so you shouldn’t even consider converting HDMI to DVI. Waste of time, waste of money.

      The solution to your problem would have been to get the correct monitor, not send back the BMD card and get a refund.

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