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      Hi all,

      I bouhgt a Blackmagic capture card after reading a review article in VideoMaker from Mr. Fulton in April 2009. I liked the fact that he concluded by saying “this could be the last capture card you’ll ever need”. So I bought the Intensity Pro.

      What I didn’t realize is that this card would obligate me to buy a whole brand new computer, wayyyyy more powerful than the current one, which I thought was very decent to work with HD. (to help out, this computer is not connected to Internet by any case, it’s just dedicated to HD editing).

      Now, I run the Disk Speed utility, and I’m wayyyy too slow for the standards of my Intensity Pro in reading and reading, writing HD uncompressed goes all the way up to 465G/hour!

      I didn’t realize those numbers were that high and would ask a lot to a system.

      But I really really really like to use the HDMI input to capture my footage. Firewire gives me trouble on a regular basis (dropped frames, camcorder not recognized…)

      My question is : Can I use the card to capture through HDMI and in a way, capture in compressed mode ?

      If I’m asking the question here, it’s because I didn’t get any answer back from the BlackMagic support team.

      Thank you for any input!


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      What format of video are you shooting? And what software are you using to edit?

      I’m sure there is no reason to capture uncompressed video. I’d be will be to bet that you are recording a compressed format, therefore, capturing as uncompressed video will not benefit you unless you are doing some intense color grading.

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      Hi Robert,

      I’m shooting in HDV, with Premiere Pro CS4.

      I wanted to have the very best format since I am working on a project/documentary which will be sold in stores.

      What do you recommand ?

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      Well, HDV is by far not the best format. It’s highly compressed, and capturing as uncompressed will do you no good. However, because of the long GOP compression of HDV, you don’t want to edit in that codec either.

      I would try to capture you footage as DVCProHD. While it won’t increase the quality if your image, it is an i-frame codec and it will be less demanding on your computer than uncompressed. I know many people have done this with FCP. You should be able to do that with Premiere. The BlackMagic card should allow for that conversion during ingest.

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