Black Video, Using Premiere 6.5

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      <p id=”post-172138″ class=”postcolor”>Hello

      I was hoping someone experienced could help me (I’m a Premiere noob!)

      I have just finished making a video. When I export it, the titles work fine, but the video (.avi’s) are all black screens. I have put a music track underneath it which is also working fine, but the video is just black in between the titles.

      I am using .avi’s, which were originally .mod files from a JVC camcorder. I turned the .mod files into .avi’s.

      I can’t work out what I am doing wrong! It may be something elementary but I am at a loss!

      Thanks for any help you can give! <!–IBF.ATTACHMENT_172138–>

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      .MOD files are pretty tough to work with in Premiere and if you don’t convert them to DV-AVI you will have even more trouble.

      What did you use to convert the files? Try converting to DV-AVI or Microsoft AVI, your problems will go away.

      Check out this topic at the Adobe User forum

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      Thanks for your reply. I used ‘Cyberlink Power Director’, imported the video files to there then exported as Windows AVI.

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      <font size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>I just tried exporting a video that was saved as a DV-AVI, and the output video shows the first frame as a still image but nothing else plays. I wish I hadn’t bothered with this camera now, this .MOD trash must be the least flexible format I’ve ever seen. </font>

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      Then it can’t be DV-AVI, are you sure you have selected the correct codec?

      That version of Premiere won’t handle the .MOD files at all so you will have to convert them first.

      And that is not the least flexible, AVCHD would be, but .MOD comes in a close 2nd.

      check out this FAQ at the Adobe User forum

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