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      If a camcorder sells for about 250 normally, how much do you think the price could be on black friday???…….cause i barely knew about black friday last year but dint go..maybe ill go this year….like what the average discount percent??…..gimme an average like to how much a 500 dollar or 400 or 300 dollar could cost on Black Friday???…..

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      Well, I doubt anyone here works at Best Buy, so I don’t know if you’d get an accurate answer. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday…is EVERYTHING on sale? If not, then don’t count on something you want being cheap. Just go with the intent to purchase at full price. Then you’ll be extra psyched if you see that it’s on sale.

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      There will be select low price leaders with limited stock (they’ll say 20, but probably only one or two & usually no rain checks) at around half the regular price. Sometimes these places only feature the items for a limited number of hours, or certain hours, drawing lines that circle around the building prior to opening time.

      I cannot remember which store (Walmart, I think) got a targeted item outed before-hand – a Samsung 52″ HD telley for $499.

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      I personally think that BestBuy is just a scam. I bought my cam at Fry’s Eletronics for $499, while on BestBuy it was $1999… REALLY!

      Also, i went there this weekend to buy a pack of mini-DVDs…$39.99….At Fry’s $15.00 THE SAME PRODUCT..thats why i dont like BestBuy…It just there to steal your money…Circuit City is a little better, but the same thing.

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      R.I.P. Circuit City…

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