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      After creating my new mini studio in the garage I was playing around with my camera’s settings. I have a preset, A and B setting on my Sony FX1…I used a piece of Kodak picture paper for a white card (it worked!) and balanced the light on setting A. I remeoved the white card, flipped the setting to B and white balanced on my black backdrop….it looked the same as when I used a white card.

      Was it my old eyes or when white balancing on a black screen giving me the same results as on if I was using white card?


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      Well, white balancing tells the camera what white is. Obviously black balance tells the camera what black is.

      I don’t think compact cameras have a black balance feature. I’m my studio class where we used real studio cameras, we would close the iris of the camera, look at the waveform monitor and then adjust thepedestallevels on the CCU so that black read 0 IRE on the waveform. If you don’t have a waveform monitor built into your camera and the ability to adjust thepedestallevel, then I don’t think you can black balance.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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