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      Our church has recently been asked to record a demo tape for the local TBN station. We’re very excited but also a little concerned over some lighting issues. We know TBN will likely help correct most issues, but I was hoping for some help here first.

      First of all, our background is black- just one big black wall in the background. None of the stage lights really light the back wall, only the stage (and whoever’s on it). On camera, the person speaking is getting washed out. Is this directly caused by the back wall? Can we light the stage differently? or should we just get a backdrop?

      Also, this issue has been monitored on a few cameras, but we specifically have a Sony VX2100 set up in the back as our main camera. Are there settings we can tinker with to achieve better results?

      I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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      Thanks compusolver!

      I’ll have our cameraman switch from the automatic exposure first thing tommorrow before service. I’m pretty sure most of the camera’s setttings are on auto, which I’ve learned in my film production class probably isn’t the best way to get quality results.

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