Black and White video reception.

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      Hi, I am new in this things about video. I have a video mixer for 4 cameras. I connected 3 cameras, but, before connected to the mixer I connected each camera to a preview monitor with a “T” connector, but I have problem with one of them. The monitor looks in black and white and when I mixed the video this camera looks in black and white. How can I fix this problem??? Thanks.

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      Did you try switching T-connectors with another camera to see if the adapter is faulty? Really, video is not meant to be split this way, and I believe you are weakening the signal and there is not enough information getting to the switcher. Ideally, your cameras should be connected direct to the switcher with high-quality cabling.

      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers

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      The problem is impedance mismatch. All that is happening is that the video is signal is 1v peak to peak, but the colour is buried in there are .3V – The mixer impedance is probably fixed, pro monitors have the facility for terminating impedance or a ‘bridge’ which is meant for circumstances like yours. Some video cameras have plenty of output, so that when you use a T split with a load on each end, you still have more than .3V for the colour info. The test is swapping. On a camera that works fine with a monitor, replace the camera with the one that had problems with the split. See if the colour info works on the channel it didn’t do before. It’s worth checking the monitors to see if there is a switch that allows bridging or loop-through? If the monitors are different types try swapping those around too – hopefully, you could find one combination that allows the system to work. If still stuck, hunt around for an old, even worn out VHS recorder that has a video input and TWO outputs, maybe one on a scary connector and another on the yellow phono type – these have the full voltage video output on both – so one to the mixer, the other to the monitor. It’s an extra bit of kit, but very useful for this kind of thing. Just a few tenths of a volt lost in the splitting can remove the colour info.

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