Bitter Old Man

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      This is an intense drama about racism.

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      1 – I really liked it. The only part where i saw the room forimprovement was when he throws the glass at the wall, and there is the weird 1.5 seconds slow-mo. I think it would look better if you didn’t cut to the glass at all, but just added the shattering sound, and maybe, when the guy falls, get a low angle on the broken pieces of glass with the guy out of focus through the glass…. I dont know if you can picture what i am saying xD

      2 – I though the part where jesus shows up and “teleports” was pretty cool πŸ™‚

      3 – 5:42, i dont like how his face in centered up… maybe put him on a rule of thirds…

      I didnt mean to sound bratty xD but i really liked it πŸ™‚

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I like it too and I share it with my Facebook friends. Good work!

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      I liked it too good story

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      What really is disturbing is that to some people today, this is exactly their attitude. Sony Boo, the only improvement I could suggest would be a close up of the glass breaking, I know, it is contradictory to what others have said. All in All, great Job.

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      I really like this, too. The effects used for the afterlife were great and really caught my eye. At the risk of being contradictory to the above, too, I can add that I like the centering of the face at 5:32 (to me, it did seem to fit with the message and that part of the movie). Other than that the only criticism I had was that I had difficulty hearing the son compared to the Bitter Old Man. It shows how difficult audio can be to work with. Overall, I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing it.

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      Unfortunately, I shot this over 10 years ago and recently re-did the effects work. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

      The original version and edit is here

Viewing 6 reply threads
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